Camp Meeting


Don’t forget about the camp meeting THIS Sunday, June 12 immediately following the 11am service. At the meeting you will be able to get the church medical release form notarized, receive a packing list, an information sheet and a calendar for the week. The informational sheet will include ways to stay up-to-date during the week with pictures, ways to be involved while your student is at camp, and contact information.

One of the ways that you can keep up with us at camp is by staying tuned here, on the blog. We will have a gallery page dedicated to the pictures from camp (hopefully updated daily).

You can also experience camp with us while we are away. You can send your student an email, listen to the music playlist that your students will hear during Morning Celebration, before Worship time and throughout camp, and you can also worship with us LIVE. Tune in to experience camp at 7:30pm (most nights) for worship and the speaker.

Also, for the FIRST TIME, we have Route 415 t-shirts that are being rolled out for our camp students and chaperones. We will give the shirts out the day we leave for camp and the cost is $4. You can pay at the meeting or the day we leave for camp. 

Questions? Contact Stephanie Tarter ( or (859-474-3106)


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