Myth #1: The Bible

…just a book of “Fun” stories and a Rulebook full of things you “can’t do”

Many people believe the Bible to be just a a great literary book. It’s just a compilation of stories that should be seen as just that, a story. This week during Route 415 we spent time learning and discussing how the Bible is the basis of Christianity. We learned the importance of setting a strong foundation for the validity of the Bible so that we are able to have conversation on why the Bible is not a restrictive book of what you can’t do. 

Check out this Youtube video for more evidence


A look ahead:

Join us next week (August 31) as we discuss Science and Christianity: It’s an either/or proposition and find out if science really proves Christianity wrong or whether it gives Christianity more validity. We will spend most of our time looking at Daniel 3, so read ahead and come with questions. 


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