Fan or Follower?


This past Sunday and for the next several weeks, Jim Woolums, will be our guest speaker while Pastor Bob is in Uganda. During this time the student small groups will be diving deeper and exploring what is discussed during 11:00 worship. 

The students looked at the story of Esau in Genesis 25:26-34 when he sold his birthright to Jacob. They were asked to share a time when they sacrificed something of greater, lasting value to satisfy a more immediate, but temporary need? They then moved on to look at Luke 9:23-27, 57-62 and discussed the cost of following Jesus. 

The students were left with this to consider (and so should you): 

With which of the three different men in Luke 9:57-62 do you most closely identify? If you are much like one of these men, does what Jesus said to this man apply to you? In light of the surpassing worth of becoming like Christ and spending eternity with God in heaven, are you willing to follow Jesus wherever he goes at the cost of that which you hold most dearly on this earth? What are those things? Are they worth it? 


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