Next Step Meeting THIS SUNDAY 11/20!

Pastor Bob will meet with the parents and young adults on Sunday morning to help determine what the next step will be in appointing leadership of our Young Adult ministries. This will be a continuation of the meeting on 11/9. The meeting will begin at 9:30am and we will intend to be finished by 9:50am.

Here is what we need to consider:
Do we want to form a Search Team to find, interview, and recommend new leadership for our Young Adult Ministries?
If we form a Search Team, what do we want it to look like?
Do we want to continue to invest leadership responsibility in Randy Wright who is currently leading the Young Adult ministries as a volunteer by giving him full authority to plan and lead in 2017?
If we want to call Randy Wright as our Young Adult minister, when and how do we want to do this?
Please review the Service Description for the Associate Pastor: Campus Ministries. What changes would you make to this Service Description if we move forward to hire a full time Associate Pastor? What changes would you make if we move forward with Randy Wright as a candidate?


A. Associate Pastor Responsibilities

 Recruit, lead, equip, and maintain a Lead Team of adult and young adult leaders to assist in any and all campus-centered activities. Work with the Lead Team to regularly evaluate Main Street’s campus-centered strategies and processes.

 Assist in developing and deploying a strategy to engage families in preparing their children to be spiritually “Life/University” ready.

 Plan and oversee Bible study groups designed to disciple and spiritually grow persons engaged in campus life (middle school to college).

 Plan, organize, and oversee camps or mission trips as a part of an ongoing emphasis directed at a mission-centered, discipleship-based lifestyle.

 Coordinate consistent opportunities to engage students in regular ministry through Main Street.

 Create opportunities for disconnected students to engage congregational life and work.  Implement an ongoing evangelism process targeted to those experiencing campus-centered life (middle school to college).

 Provide appropriate referrals for crisis counseling situations.

 Provide an Annual Budget Proposal to the Stewardship Team for “on campus” related, and Main Street based ministries.

 Meet on a weekly basis with MSBC staff as directed.

B. Supervision

 Associate Pastor, Campus Ministries will be directly supervised by the Senior Pastor and the Elder team.

C. Position Minimum Requirements

 Education: Must have at least a Bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree is preferred

 Experience: At least 1-2 years

 Employment Status: Full-time, work-for-hire, exempt


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