Winter Retreat is in 4 days and we are so excited about it! However, there are a few important things to remember.

We will be leaving THIS Friday, March 17, at 4:00. To simplify things for parents, we will be picking you up from school on the church bus. However, this means your parent needs to write a note giving us special permission to pick you up on the church bus this Friday, just like they do at the beginning of the year. We’ll hang out at the church for a little while after school, then leave for the retreat.

On Friday night, we’ll be stopping for dinner on the way to the retreat center. This means you will need to bring extra money with you to buy dinner. We’ll be eating fast food, so you shouldn’t need more than $7 or $8.

Please also refer to the packing list for assigned snacks for the weekend. Please try to bring one or two of the items listed for your age group.

THIS IS A CELL PHONE FREE EVENT. If you bring your cell phone, you will be asked to turn it off and/or give it to a leader for the weekend. The intent of the retreat is to give our full attention to God and each other, so by making it a cell phone free zone, we limit the distractions to both students and leaders. Parents,  in the event of a situation in which you need to contact your student, please call Randy Wright, Stephanie Tarter, or Nathan Wright.

Randy Wright: (859)338-5490

Stephanie Tarter:(513)319-8667

Nathan Wright:(859)640-7330


Bible – actual book, not phone

Notebook and Pen (if you want to take notes)


Comfortable shoes (in case we go for a hike)

Toiletry items – Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.



Board Games


$$ for dinner on Friday night

Assigned snacks

HS Guys – 2-Liters

HS Ladies – Cookies/Desserts

MS Guys – Chips

MS Ladies – breakfast items: pop tarts, granola bars, bagels, etc.

Daily Schedule

­­­­­­­­­­­Friday, March 17

4pm                                      Leave Church

7pm                                      Arrive/Check in/Dinner

9:30pm                               Worship/Introduction to Retreat/Group games

10:30pm                             Free Time

11:45pm                              Lights out

Saturday, March 18

8:00am                                Wake up/Breakfast/Free Time

8:45am                                Worship/Group games/Hike/Team Building

10:30pm                              Retreat Small Group #1: What is Consecration?

Noon                                    Lunch/Free Time

1:30pm                                Retreat Small Group #2: Decisions

3:00pm                               Quiet Time

3:30pm                               Free Time

5pm                                     Dinner

6pm                                    Worship/Group Games/Lesson/Team Building

7:30pm                              Retreat Small Group #3: Ripple Effect

9pm                                    Quiet Time

9:30pm                              Movie/Games/Free Time

11:45pm                             Lights out

Sunday, March 19

7:30am                               Wake up/Breakfast/Clean up/Pack

8:15am                                Worship/Closing

9:00am                               Load van

12:30pm                             Arrive @ MSBC




  1. Where exactly is the location of the retreat? Does Hailey take the bus from day treatment to the high school and take mainstreet bus? Or can someone pick her up from day treatment at 2?

    Joy to you! Darla Daniel Sent from my iPhone


    1. cleftRock Retreat Center is located in Mount Vernon, KY. Hailey will need to take the bus from day treatment to the high school.

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