Sunday Morning SYNC

Be in SYNCDid you know that nearly 75% of currently churched high school graduates leave the church within 5 years of graduation?

Did you know that 80% of currently churched high school graduates go to college or enter the workforce feeling overwhelmed because they are not adequately prepared to live God-honoring, Christian lives?

Did you know that a senior in high school has about 1,000 more school days experience than a sixth grader? That’s a lot of wisdom to share!  And, a college student has even more experience!

Did you know that studying a topic of personal interest is so powerful that it often overcomes academic difficulties?

Did you know that over 70% of students graduating from college do not feel they are adequately prepared to manage their own finances?

At Main Street, we want to ensure we point this out and come alongside parents in training up young adults that overcome these trends.  We want to see young adults shine and become in SYNC with Christ on a deeper, lasting level.  All of these questions above and many more have led us to shaking things up a bit on Sunday mornings.  Starting this coming Sunday, September 17th, we will be implementing a new direction that you can learn more about here.  Essentially, however, we will be allowing our young adults to choose one of three tracks of learning that best suits them, middle school through college.  We ask for your support as we work to SYNC into a life that is pleasing to God!



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