What If???

clinks_what-if_graphic_blue_1What if we encouraged our young adults to have a say in what they are learning from God’s Word?

What if a college sophomore was cheering on and living in relationship with an 8th grader as they both seek to follow Jesus?

What if we allowed students to grow as a result of their own study and involvement, rather than as a result of the grade they are in at school?

What if we provided real life application thru in depth Bible study and how God’s Word applies today?

What if we encouraged mentorship across generations?

What if we ministered according to the Bible, rather than according to the academic year in school?

All of these are questions we should be asking ourselves as we seek to foster spiritual maturity amongst our young adults.  Too often, we place too much emphasis on the school year a student is in, rather than where they are in their current walk with Christ.  It is for this reason that we are shaking things up on Sunday mornings.  Starting this Sunday morning, September 17th, at 9:30am, we will be rolling out our new direction for the Sunday morning SYNC Small Groups.  To learn more about this, please click here.  This is an exciting time, and we pray that God blesses our young adults through this new direction.




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