Announcing Camp for 2018!!!!

ANNOUNCING CAMP FOR 2018!!!!We will be attending Generate Camp in Chicago, Illinois.  Attending Monday, June 25th thru Friday, June 29th.  Cost is $325 per person.  Paying the $75 deposit by October 29th knocks $10 off the total cost!  Camp speaker is minister and author, David Nasser.  Worship will be led by Rush of Fools!

Source: Announcing Camp for 2018!!!!


2 thoughts on “Announcing Camp for 2018!!!!”

  1. Just curious, was this voted by the kids? what is wrong with camp crossings like they always have in the past? I looked up Chicago and Im not sure about it.​

    Sing to the Lord, all the Earth. Psalm 96:1

  2. Darla, we asked a few students for their input on this. Much prayer and consideration have gone into the selection of this coming year’s camp, and Crossings was considered. We’d be happy to discuss with you and anyone else that has concerns.

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