Re-Announcing Camp 2018!!!

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As a change to our 2018 programming, to seek God’s will in our young adult ministry, we have decided to make a change to our camp in 2018.  In order to institute a bi-yearly rotation for camp and missions, we have decided to forgo Generate Camp this year, and go to Crossings at Jonathan Creek.  This will start a two-year rotation where we will go to a traditional camp one year, followed by either a service oriented camp or mission trip the following year.  It is our goal at SYNC ministries to balance internal nourishment, as well as, external service, and we feel that this new two-year rotation when it comes to a week-long trip will be beneficial to our young adults and to advancing God’s Kingdom.  We are excited and pray you will consider attending.

When: June 30th – July 5th                                                                                                          Where: Jonathan Creek, 3043 Beal Rd, Hardin, KY 42048                                                Student Cost: $360 per person                                                                                                    Registration/Deposit: $100 due by January 31, 2018                                                                    Register here!


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