Parent’s Night Out

YA Parent's Night Out.jpgTo help support 2018 activities such as camp, we will be having multiple fundraising events.  January 12th, from 6pm to 9pm will be the first activity as our young adults host a Parent’s Night Out (PNO).  PNO is a time where parents can drop off their kids (birth thru 6th grade) with our young adults so they can have a few hours kid-free.  Need a long overdue date night?  Want to go to the store without sticky hands grabbing everything in sight?  Want to take a nap?  Well, PNO is meant for you!  We will watch your kids for a few hours, while you have time for whatever you need to do.  Donations are accepted to help support YA activities.  Food (pizza, chips, cookies) will be provided for $3 a person so you don’t even have to worry about feeding your kids.  What else can be simpler?  Register at this link if you are planning to drop off your kids or if you plan on working it.



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