Game Night Tonight!


Young Adults!  Here’s a board game poem to get you in the mood for our game night, tonight!  Weather is calling for an inch of snow, but we will not let that keep us from meeting.  Hope to see you at 8pm at the Upper Room (8333 Alexandria Pike).  Bring yourself, a game to share, and a friend!

To win in this game of LIFE

Sometimes you have to take a RISK

Stepping out of your own CRANIUM

If you expect to have a big PAY DAY

Even if you don’t have a CLUE

And life seems like one big game of CHESS

Remember not everything’s APPLES to APPLES

And you’ll be stuck in a TRIVIAL PURSUIT

Sometimes you may just need a TICKET TO RIDE

To that great place called CANDY LAND

But don’t eat too much candy or you might need an OPERATION

So be careful what you eat, we suggest BANANAGRAMS

You say this all sounds like BALDERDASH

If that’s the case, we’re truly SORRY

We just thought we’d show you our STRATEGO

And a board game poem would be awful COOTIE


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