Upcoming Events/Deadlines


An elephant never forgets, but sometimes we do!!  Here are some upcoming events and deadlines in which to be aware.  Don’t let these opportunities pass you by!

February 18th – 12:30pm – Sunday Funday starts again!  Meet in the gym for fun/fellowship.  Lunch will be available for $3/person.  We will play 9 Square, Gator ball and/or whatever else we can come up with until around 3pm!

February 21st – Deadline for registration for Crossings 2018.  Go to this link for more info and to register!  https://sievechurch.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/94003

March 4th – 9:30pm – We will be starting our new Small Group study called GROW!  Come out for this 12-week journey to learn how you can deepen your faith in Christ!

March 7th – We will be taking a break from Route 415 to go bowling.  Meet at the church at 5:45pm to load the bus, or meet us at Southern Lanes!  $10 per person for 2 games, shoes, and a drink.  Pizza in the gym at 5:15pm for dinner!

March 11th – Deadline for registration of DNOW- Follower.  Go to this link for more info and to register! https://sievechurch.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/110001

March 11th – 12:30pm – Sunday Funday (YA vs. Adult Basketball Game) – Don’t let the Adults beat you (which we know will happen).  YAs see Eric/Brittany, Adults see Randy/Abram to join in on the fun.  Lunch provided for $3/person.

More to come!!


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