Meet Abram Crozier


I am the Campus Ministry Resident. I was born and raised in Falmouth, KY, just south of Alexandria. I am the third son out of 7 children. I accepted Christ into my life at the age of 12 and was blessed to grow up in a Christian home. When I was in the third grade, my family survived the flood of ’97, which completely destroyed and devastated our small town. That experience helped me see the importance of family and how quickly material things can disappear. As a young teen, I witnessed my father enter into the ministry. He has set an amazing example of living life relying solely on the Lord. God provided a lot of leadership opportunities for me once I started to attend high school. I was the Band and FCA President, as well as a Student Council member. Growing up as a basketball player, I was given the opportunity to play basketball for Kentucky Christian University. After two years, I was led back home where I received my Associates Degree in Business Management from Gateway Community College. In the years that followed, I married my high school sweetheart and we currently have two sons. Isaiah, named after one of my favorite books in the bible, and Micah, which is my middle name. I currently work for Sunshine Cleaners in Silver Grove, Ky.

For over 10 years I was in a Christian Rock Band with my brothers called “Children of God,” or “COG.” We had the opportunity to play for, and witness to many young adults about Jesus Christ. In 2013, I felt a need to take over the Youth Group at my father’s church (First Baptist of Falmouth, KY) as well as lead music. In 2015, I had the privilege to deliver my first sermon for Baptist’s Men’s Day, which was very rewarding. Since then, I have been able to preach on many different occasions including Pendleton County High School’s Baccalaureate Service. At the age of 28, I accepted God’s call into the ministry and I’m excited to see what God has planned for my life.

The struggles that young adults face is increasing with every generation. There is more access to negative influences; this access just wasn’t present with past generations. As much as I love technology and social media and the platform it gives us Christians, I am very aware of the negative effects that are coming from those same outlets. We are in a great position at Main Street to pour into the lives of these students and show them the strength and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m very excited about the direction and opportunities that are going on with the Sync Young Adult Ministries and can’t wait to see what comes from it.

Favorite Verse: 1 John 4:10 (Real Love)

Favorite Bible Story: The life of Jeremiah – He shows us what true success is. Success, as measured by God, involves obedience and faithfulness. Regardless of opposition and personal cost, Jeremiah courageously and faithfully proclaimed the word of God.