Pray For Me Teams

On Sunday, September 17th, we launched the Pray for Me Campaign at Main Street.  This is a campaign that matches each young adult with 3 prayer champions for the entire school year.  Together with the young adult, these 3 champions form a prayer team that commits to praying for a year.  The 3 champions pray specifically for the student by name, and the student prayers for their peers, community, and champions as well.  We are excited to see how God is going to use this for his glory!

Team Leah Team LeahTeam GraceTeam Grace Team Andrew Team AndrewTeam Gabe Team GabeTeam Alyssa Team AlyssaTeam Lydia Team AnyaTeam ChloeTeam ChloeTeam Madison L Team MadisonTeam Libby Team LibbyTeam Hailey Team HaileyTeam Aaron Team AaronTeam Anya Team Lydia  Team Nakia Team NakiaTeam Greyson Team GreysonTeam Jeremiah Team JeremiahTeam Zach Team ZachTeam Caleb Team KalebTeam RileyTeam Riley Team Zane Team ZaneTeam AlexisTeam Alexis Team Ansley Team AnsleyTeam Annika Team Annika Team Evan Team EvanTeam KhristianTeam Khristian Team ShilohTeam ShilohTeam Collin Team CollinTeam Karly Team Karly