Sunday Morning SYNC

Sunday Morning SYNC Small groups meet at 9:30am.  We start by having a time of fellowship in the Loft, where all young adult groups meet to hang out, talk, hear announcements, and whatever else we come up with to do.  At 9:45am, we dismiss in prayer to go to one of three SYNC tracks.

At SYNC, we strive to provide groups on Sunday morning that meet the needs of our young adults.  Some are new in their faith and need to learn what being a follower of Christ is.  Some are more mature in their faith and what to go deeper and wider in their knowledge, and yet, others may want to learn more about sharing their faith and connecting with others.  We have groups for these scenarios as laid out below.  As young adults, you are able to decide which group fits your current walk of life, and we respect your ability to make your own decisions, so give one or all of these a shot, and see what works best for you!

S2Y – In this group, we will be looking at what it mean to be a true follower of Christ.  We will Seek to Yield (S2Y) control of our lives to the Holy Spirit and become more like Christ everyday.  This group will meet in the Loft.

S2N – In this group, we will be diving deeper into the Word of God as we Seek to Nourish (S2N) our spiritual bodies.  If you want to go beyond “surface level” discussion to a growing knowledge of the Bible, this is the Seek Track for you!  This group will meet in Blvd 4.

S2C – In this group, we will discuss topics from the other two tracks, but we will place an emphasis on how to share your faith as we Seek to Connect (S2C).  We live in a world where more and more people are becoming skeptical of Christianity, Jesus, even God.  We will look at things such as how to handle skepticism, how to share our faith, Apologetics, being light in the darkness, and much more!  This group will meet in the Loft Café area.