Upcoming Events


Below are some of the events that are coming up.  Check back regularly for more exciting additions.  Contact Randy Wright, randywright@sievechurch.org (859-338-5490), or Abram Crozier, abramcrozier@sievechurch.org, for more information.

Join our new group for college students that takes place on Monday evenings at 7:45pm, with a style similar to a TED talk. We have rotating speakers who share for about 10-18 minutes about something they are knowledgeable in and can give insight to, followed by discussion.

We meet at the Upper Room, our new space at 8333 Alexandria Pike.

Hope to see you there. If you have questions feel free to text Stephanie Tarter at 513-319-8667.

Movie Night – Tortured For Christ @ Regal-Wilder.  Movie is at 7:30pm on March 12th, cost is $12.50.  Please let Stephanie know if interested by March 5th.