Upcoming Events


Below are some of the events that are coming up.  Check back regularly for more exciting additions.  Contact Abram Crozier, abramcrozier@sievechurch.org, for more information.

SYNC SERVICE – Surrounding Community

Each month we will go out into our surrounding community and provide a service to those in need.

Summer Days – @ Main Street Baptist Church

YA Summer Days

7th grade-College age welcome!
Fellowship, food, music, games and worship! Grow in your relationship with Christ and your church family this summer.

LOCK-IN – June 8-9 – @ Main Street Baptist ChurchYA Lock-In

Food, games, movies, fellowship, NO SLEEP!
You may be a zombie after the night’s over but you’ll be dead to sin and ALIVE in Christ!

Route 415 (Summer Edition) Starts back up! – June 6th

cropped-cropped-life-university-ahead_t-e14534901083144.jpgCome out for fun and fellowship as we grow closer to Christ!



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